Advent Art 

We are very excited to announce that we will be celebrating Advent with another art project! We will use the Advent themes of HOPE, PEACE, JOY, and LOVE as inspiration for our pieces. We are inviting all church members to put on their artistic hats and create art inspired by these themes.

What medium can I use? You’re the artist; you choose!

What size should it be? You’re the artist; you choose!

Which one should I do? You’re the artist; you choose!

How many can I do? You’re the artist; you choose!

Can I create one piece inspired by multiple themes? You’re the artist; you choose!

Now before you say, “I’m not artistic” or “I can’t draw,” We want you to stop and seriously think about what creative thing you might be able to do. We know that some of you are experts with a needle, some of you work with wood, and some of you take way too many pictures. Some of you can create gifs or music videos on your computer. And some of you are gifted with words. If it’s something we can look at, we want to see it!

The deadline for your art is NOVEMBER 16. You may bring it to church and leave it with Allison anytime between now and then. When Advent begins on December 3, the art exhibit will be a part of our decorations. A silent auction will be held during the duration of Advent, and all money raised will go toward our Christmas missions offering, including Lottie Moon and CBF.

Art is a beautiful gift from God, and when we emulate our Creator and create, we worship! When we share our creations with each other, we edify the Church and worship together!

Let’s create and worship together!