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October 28 // 6PM

Fall is in the air, and our Fall Festival Celebration will take place on Wednesday, October 28, from 6:00 until 7:00 pm! Our celebration will look a little different this year.  To maintain social distancing and provide a safe Fall Celebration for our children, we have decided that filling the parking lot with cars for “Truck or Treat” will keep our annual celebration alive and still provide safety for our children and adults.  We need your help!  We need 30 cars appropriately decorated and filled with appropriate candies for our children.  

“Trunk or Treat” will be held in a roped-off area of the paved church parking lot.  Those participating will be assigned a parking space to set up.  Please have your vehicle in place by 5:30 pm and ready to receive children at 6:00 pm.  Your car trunk or truck bed should be decorated and have prizes or individually wrapped candy to give out. 

Please sign-up to provide your vehicle by clicking the link below. Or call Ms. Kelly at 843-991-5355 or by email kzytynski@bcob.org to reserve your spot.  We are counting on you to make this unusual time a little more normal for our children.  Please help!

We are also receiving individually wrapped candy donations through Monday, October 26.  Drop candy donations off at the church office or in the labeled bins before worship on Sunday.  Please contact Ms. Kelly if you have questions or need additional information.