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Conversation About Dementia

Dementia is one of the most feared conditions humans face. Stigma, dread, and negative stereotypes often surround cognitive loss—but people of faith have resources to offer more life-affirming approaches to this common and complex human experience. During this free Zoom session on Tuesday, May 11 at 7:00 pm, Rev. Lynn Casteel Harper will explore spiritual aspects of dementia, as we consider ministry to persons with dementia as a “holy invitation” to imagination, creativity, friendship, and spiritual growth.

CBF of South Carolina is sponsoring this golden opportunity for church families to learn and grow. Individuals will be challenged to re-frame dementia in order to have a more profound impact on family members, friends, and other vital relationships.

Rev. Lynn Casteel Harper is the author of On Vanishing: Mortality, Dementia, and What It Means to Disappear (Catapult, April 2020). A former nursing home chaplain, she now serves as the Minister of Older Adults at The Riverside Church in New York City.